Agreement – Enjoy Life Daily® – Group Coaching

  • This agreement, between Mark Jamnik and Client will begin during the onboarding class and will continue for a minimum of 12 weeks. Payment is due prior to beginning group coaching and client will receive details for onboarding class and weekly coaching. The deliverables for this time period will include:

    A) One (1) hour onboarding class

    B) Recording of one (1) onboarding class

    C) Twelve (12) live one (1) hour weekly group coaching.

    D) Recordings of twelve (12) weekly group coaching.

    E) Productivity Templates: Project Capture Doc, Friday Productivity Report, Time Tracker Sheet, Organization Mind Map and Contact Capture Sheet

    F) Story Selling course

    The group productivity coaching service provided to the client by Mark Jamnik. Live group coaching may address specific career goals, business successes, personal projects, and general conditions in the client's life. Client acknowledges that each session will be recorded and shared with other class members. It is recommended to attend all classes live; if a client is unable to attend any/all weekly group coaching during the 12 weeks. Each class will be recorded and distributed after the class inside the class worksheet.

    The client and Mark Jamnik agree to provide one another with a 2 week notice if they desire to cancel further services.

    It is understood the live group coaching is held weekly. If a client is unable to attend live, a recording will be made available in the classroom worksheet. No makeup weeks will be added beyond the 12 weeks.

    Client understands that any information shared inside of the group coaching session will be available for others to review. Clients are responsible for their own confidentiality preference. Client is to share only business and/or personal information they feels comfortable sharing; any information client does not wish others to know (e.g. revenue, profit etc.) should not be shared.

    You can count on Coach to be honest and straightforward; sharing productivity information, asking questions and offering assignments for application. The main purpose of each group coaching session interaction is to focus on weekly productivity and accountability commitments.

    All copyrights and other intellectual property rights existing prior to the Effective Date will belong to the party that owned such rights immediately prior to the Effective Date. Neither party will gain by virtue of this Agreement any rights of ownership of copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks or any other intellectual property rights owned by the other. Coach will own all copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, title and interest in or pertaining to all works developed by Coach for purposes of this Agreement.

    To begin our group coaching relationship I make the following requests: (Please initial those requests you accept on the line provided, or alter as needed.)

  • 1. Class will begin on time, please be on time for each group coaching call. If for any reason you will be late, please email Mark. Mark promises to do the same.
  • 2. Each session will be recorded and shared with other class members. Share only business and/or personal information you feel comfortable sharing; any information you do not wish others to know (e.g. revenue, profit etc.) should not be shared.
  • 3. Any weekly group coaching calls missed are forfeited. Recordings will be made available in the classroom worksheet by midnight 12p EST the day of class.
  • 4. My promise to you is to be unconditionally constructive and informative. Do you give me full permission to be bold and forthright in coaching you during live sessions?
  • 5. Having group coaching work for you is a shared responsibility. I request that you be responsible for having coaching work for you. Complete each assignment, ask for what you want, and let me know what is working and not working in our coaching relationship. I am flexible and this is about winning.
  • Signatures

    Our typed signatures on this agreement indicate full compliance with the requests and promises above, and complete understanding of the services to be provided.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY