A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being.
James E. Faust

Full of Greatness

With Thanksgiving coming up, many of you will take the day to remember and remind others what you are grateful for. Whether that be your family, friends, and career or turkey, pumpkin pie, and football, it always makes us reflect just a little more. But what about the other 364 days of the year? Try being grateful every day and see the positives in your life grow.

A grateful heart is truly the beginning of greatness in your career or in your personal life. Think of what people have done for you in order for you to be where you are. Who are those people: professors, teachers, parents, friends, siblings, significant others? What about the things that have brought you to where you are: your health, your home, your car, your office, or the food on your plate every night? Being grateful means to be thankful for your personal and professional life, focusing on the things that you have, not the things that are missing.

Be Grateful Every Day

Many people are challenged in these uncertain economic times and many more struggling to cover their bills, as such, the topic of being grateful can potentially be difficult to hear. The challenge with this belief is that many are focusing on the lack of what isn’t in their lives instead of what they have. If you are reading this article, you are blessed in so many more ways than most. You can read, you have (or have the ability to get to a place with) internet connection, and you have the drive to better yourself.

It is vitally important to realize that when you approach life from the standpoint of being grateful, you begin seeing more opportunities to be grateful. The experience each individual goes through is completely up to you on the meaning that you give it.

Understand, you have the option to view a situation by being grateful or by complaining. It’s your choice. You can determine that it was actually a positive that the client called you up to complain about how you handled a specific situation. You can decide to be grateful for the situation for any number of reasons:

  1. That experience is over and you can move forward.
  2. You just learned EXACTLY how not to do something for this type of client.
  3. It gave you a lesson so you won’t ever make the same mistake with another client.

Being grateful means to flip your complaining upside down. It takes some practice, but when you are grateful, you see things much differently and can learn so much more because you aren’t focused on the negative.

Formula for Happiness


Sean Stephenson is a motivational speaker and author of the book titled Get off your “But.” He has an incredible spirit despite the fact that he is 3 feet tall and has been in a wheelchair his entire life with brittle bone disease. Sean has broken over 200 bones in his body, but instead of being sad or frustrated, he is grateful for his gift of life.

Sean asks the heartfelt question: “What do you do with what you have?” He shares his message of how to enjoy life and has even created a formula for being happy. The formula for happiness is as simple as focusing on what you do have, focusing on what you do want and focusing on what you do like. The formula for being miserable is just the opposite – focusing on what you don’t have, focusing on what you don’t want, and focusing on what you don’t like.. It is evidenced that Sean chooses to live the happiness formula daily. He is grateful for his life. You too have the same choice to focus on being grateful or focus on the lack.

Start Soon

You have so much to be thankful for, sometimes it’s easy to see what’s not in your life but it’s equally easy to see what already is. Focus on what you are looking to learn each day and be grateful when challenging client issues come up and see how that helps you learn and grow. Today, take just a few minutes and write down the things you take for granted and focus on being more grateful for them. It will make a difference in your life and in your career.

Start Now

In the meantime, I invite you to visit my YouTube Channel for different videos from many different perspectives on being grateful and how to implement more gratefulness into your career.

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I encourage you to enjoy life daily — and continue being grateful!