Choosing a sales coach is a critical decision. I’ve created a free download with all you need to know about selecting an outstanding sales coach. Follow the step-by-step plan that tells you how to find a coach, what questions to ask in an interview, how to negotiate a discount, what’s important in a contract and much more. Plus, I include a three-page ready-to-use worksheet when you interview potential sales coaches.

An effective sales coach can offer your business the following benefits:

  • Implementation of an effective sales strategy
  • Increased sales
  • Improved customer retention

While many business owners find these benefits desirable, they often feel that choosing the right sales coach is a difficult, sometimes overwhelming decision. After all, hiring a sales coach means trusting someone to train and shape how one of their most valuable assets — their sales team — does business.

As a business owner, you need to know what to look for and what to expect as you search for and choose the perfect sales coach. For this reason, I am happy to offer you a free ebook entitled, “How to Choose an Effective Sales Coach”, which I hope will be an extremely helpful resource to you during that process.

How to Choose a Sales Coach

This ebook will help you make a decision by providing you with basic information about sales coaching and teaching you what factors make sales coaching programs effective. Here are a few highlights.

Overcoming Sales Training Challenges

Becoming aware of specific challenges related to sales training is the first step to overcoming them. In this section of the eBook, you will find out more about dealing with short attention spans and how to help employees develop lasting habits that will help them improve performance long-term. In addition, you will find out more about what assessment and training tools give the best results and why simplistic tools are often ineffective.

Key Ingredients to Effective Sales Training

“How to Choose an Effective Sales Coach” also covers some of the key ingredients necessary to effective sales training. This will help you discover whether or not the coach you are considering hiring has a program that will get you the results you want. Goal-setting sessions, sales team assessments and consistent training reinforcement are three factors considered in detail in this section. Understanding what these key ingredients accomplish and why they are important will leave you better equipped to identify effective sales training programs.

Questions You Should Ask a Sales Coach Before Hiring Them

Another section of the eBook contains a list of questions you should ask a sales coach before hiring them. This section is extremely practical and will assist you when it is time for an interview with a coach. Some of the questions, along with brief discussions about what you should be looking for, include:

  • What kind of results has the sales coach achieved in the past?
  • How does the sales coaching program carried out?
  • Are the results of the training measurable?

Make an Informed Decision

In addition to the information mentioned above, you will learn how to create your own personalized “game plan” for choosing a sales coach. I have designed a practical, printable worksheet to streamline your interviews with potential coaches.

It is my wish that this ebook will assist you in making informed decisions you can feel confident when evaluating sales coaching programs and choosing a sales coach.

Mark is a sales coach with 10 years of experience as a top-producing salesperson in media sales. He helps business owners gain freedom while their business grows. He is the author of Sales Roadmap Training, a step-by-step sales curriculum, that combines sales goals with a metrics performance tool and accountability through coaching sessions to ideate and motivate. Mark has worked with Infusionsoft, Conscious Capitalism Arizona, Entravision, Money Radio, MAC6, and Dog Tag Art. He has spoken at TEDxPhoenix Salon and TEDxTempe.