COACHING OVERVIEW – Maximizing each session.


Session Prep Form:

The evening before each session, please complete the link to the Session Prep Form. This is a place to keep track of the SMART goal commitments you made, and see your progress. By filling out and being clear, you won’t have to spend valuable time bringing me up to speed. This best prepares both of us to maximize each session. Add each sessions updates to the top of the same form to track your momentum. 


Coaching Process: 

  • Complete Session Prep form the evening before each session.
  • Before your session, I promise to read and will arrive at each session prepared to offer the tools, strategy, questions that will support you towards achieving your goals.
  • Sessions start on time. Be ready for the session on time so we can maximize each session.
  • Sessions are 1 hour in length.
  • We’ll start off with a celebration
  • At the end of each session, you will commit to SMART goals to complete before your next session.
  • Next coaching session will be scheduled before we complete each session.
  • Send coaching questions through email only so I don’t miss your communication and I will respond in 24 hours M-F. Texts, Facebook messenger, other communication channels will not be responded to in the same timely manner.


Maximizing coaching results:

  • Schedule time on your calendar to complete your session prep form, the evening before your session. 
  • Commit to completing one main thing for each working day. Fill in the blank…”If all I did today was ________, it would be the most profitable, productive and fulfilling day.”
  • Coaching Journal: Complete notes in one place. Decide on digital or paper notes. If paper, I recommend beginning a new journal (dedicated to coaching) to keep track of your progress as we go through the sessions.


“Doubly happy, however, is the man whom lofty mountain tops are within reach, for the lights that shine there illuminate all the lies below.” John Muir

“The Dashboard showed me the road map of what to do. I got guidelines of what made sense to discuss in my videos. I took that and divided the videos into daily actions …17 days later, I had an $8,000 sales day and won a Mercedes.”

– JunJun Li

“I created the Dashboard to inspire me to organize my day and focus my efforts on deliberate daily action.”

– Mark, founder of Enjoy Life Daily

Resources to help on the Journey

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