Conscious Entrepreneur Resources

Conscious Entrepreneur Resources

Please enjoy these resources to you get inspired, get focused, gain clarity.

Dashboard Explained 

Start with the end destination and work your way home. Maybe you want to create better habits, that last, or maybe you want to start to learn about something new to build a new skillset, or maybe you want to finally start that business you have been talking about for years. The dashboards is designed to simplify that end destination into a focused quarterly goals, monthly themes, weekly focus and daily action. Here is a video to explain the dashboard. I’ll be sharing an example Dashboard to help personally or professionally to help you stay focused on the main priorities.


Don’t Quit Poem 

This poem has made a huge impact on my life. During a very challenging time in my entrepreneurial venture I was stuck, felt defeated and quite frankly questioning if I should continue. I read this poem so many times I can almost recite the entire thing without reading it almost 9 years later. It’s a great reminder to keep putting one foot in front of the other. It’s most challenging when we are closest to getting to the next level, or even the next lesson that we need to learn on this journey of life. Needless to say, I’m glad I read this poem and hope it serves you as well as it’s served me.


I love movies, especially ones that get you inspired and or help you see the world differently.

Finding Joe

Discovered in 2012 while I was going through the difficult time as I was growing my business. This movie simplifies the 3 elements of every great story. The separation, initiation and return.

I Am

Discovered in 2012 as I was clarifying the real essence of what I was offering my audience, which was a more fulfilled life (not simply success.) Director Tom Shadyac developed. More doesn’t always mean better.

Peaceful Warrior

Saw Dan Millman speak at a Celebrate Your Life conference in 2011 and his story inspires. Live in the moment; that is all there is.

What the Bleep Do We Know

Watched in 2004 and it definitely got me thinking about a new way to approach life. Plant new seeds of insights.

Mr. Hollands Opus

Saw the previews of this movie when I was at Nationals band competition in 1995, Yes, I was in the High School Marching Band and played trumpet. Don’t discount the impact you are making in others lives.