COMMUNITY CALL – 1st and 3rd Friday at 9am MST

Are you struggling during these unprecedented times?
Fearing for…Your family? Your business? Your health? Your savings/investments?
We as a nation are all in this together and yet, there is something unique about each of our situations.

In this one (1) hour community call, imagine a chance to sit around the virtual table and talk with others about challenges you are facing, and receive practical solutions. It’s a safe space for people to share their concerns, struggles and offer strategies to help others.

Please vote below on the topic you are most interested in discussing.
This will change weekly, so please vote each time you plan on joining the call.

We look forward to seeing you at our next call.

“It was a GREAT community of kind, passionate people who care about relationships and building one another up as leaders and contributors in their communities and industries!”


“The people are genuine, caring, and sincere in their vulnerabilities. I’ve learned strategies for coping and suggestions for staying healthy. Looking forward
to next Friday!”

– Jessica

“These weekly, energizing sessions have been a great opportunity to see new faces, learn from their incredible backgrounds to receive encouragement and listen to their insightful perspectives.”

– Dave

Why am I doing this?

As a former Tony Robbins coach, I recognize the power of your mindset and the beliefs that either disempower you or empower you at times like these.

Beliefs are the most important thing that effect your day to day. If you establish negative beliefs during times like these, it can take years of recovery. Why do I know that? I lived it.

In the last economic recession, I was negatively impacted when my sales career went from best year ever makingover $150k to virtually getting fired (I left a couple days before I was fired.) I allowed negative beliefs to get to me deeply during those months that led to my inevitable firing. You need to be careful about which beliefs you are allowing in during this time.

It took me almost a decade to release the negative beliefs that I allowed in when things went from bad to worse. Stand guard to what you are allowing in your mind during these unprecedented times.

I don’t say that to scare you, simply to share the importance of not letting the negative beliefs win. This has taken me a decade to learn, having invested over $100,000 in coaching, courses and events.

This is eerily similar to the downtown of 2008, with some extra uncertainty. There are daily tools and strategies you can apply, use and thrive to help you discover who you were meant to be for this world.

If you want to learn tools and strategies to help keep your mind right and block out the limiting beliefs, please join us this Friday at 9am MST.

Sign up below and I’ll email the Zoom meeting link for our next community call on Friday, 9a MST.

We look forward to meeting with you virtually. Be well. — Mark

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