The beauty of the world and everything on it is that it constantly changes. Business is part of that evolution. Continuous learning is essential so that you can stay up to date with the changes in the economy, social media, consumer reports, market research, and so on. If you haven’t checked your Twitter account, updated your LinkedIn profile, or read a recent article, you’re can seemingly feel behind. The more informed you are on your business, competition, and the growing trends in society, the more innovative and creative you can become as it pertains to outreach, marketing, and best practices.

Continuing Education: Beyond the Textbook

John Wooden (the UCLA basketball coach) says it best …

“It’s what you learn AFTER you know everything that counts.”

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word education? To some, continuing education means going back to school, tests, and homework. To others, continuing education is a way of life; it is a way to grow your learning while opening up many new opportunities. It provides an avenue to grow and evolve your skills and abilities, to gain knowledge and develop talents, and inevitability, an avenue to promote your business.

The first part of continuing education comes through books, classes, and experiences. The second part is applying what you have learned from those resources. Continuing education is only useful if you absorb and apply it to your daily life. When you are truly invested and interested in learning, you will naturally want to share this information with others. Living what you have learned is a great way to reinforce the lessons. Choose experiences that will help you grow and evolve and help you improve the lives of others.

Education is more than classrooms, homework, and studying: education is interwoven within each encountered experience. Each time you interact with someone in your life, it is an educational experience; there is always a lesson that delivers feedback. You have the option to use these lessons and learn from them; this will help you evaluate what does and doesn’t work.

Any new experience at work offers an educational experience; how much you absorb and learn is up to you. Remember that you are always learning; so if you are not teaching yourself consciously; what might you be subconsciously learning from society?

Education on the Go

You may have witnessed a number of your friends going back to school or continuing their education in light of a chance in life situation to help them obtain better skills. You may have no desire to even consider it. However, you may decide you would love to learn new things but have no time. In the words of the great Zig Ziglar, I encourage you to enroll in “automobile university.” How much time do you spend in your car commuting?

For the next month, turn off the radio, download some free podcasts, enroll in Audible and go through a new book a month, or you may even have some old CD program’s that you might want to revisit to brush up on some life skills.

Start Soon

If you are like many people, it is difficult to find the time to learn new things. Think about how you can enhance what you already do. For instance, you can substitute the morning news with an informational or inspirational talk. Instead of listening to music on your way to work, plug in an audiobook or a podcast. Get started with topics that interest you; this should be fun…not a chore. You can buy books on CD or download podcasts of topical interests and learn as you drive. Education doesn’t have to be such a formalized process. A great way to learn is to have another person, friend, co-worker doing a similar activity. You can keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable. Also think about successful techniques to learning that have worked in the past and re-incorporate those back into your daily routine.

Start Now

If you want to work on continuing education and desire guidance, I invite you to visit my YouTube Channel or continue reading through my blog as a way to add to your education. It’s as simple as a few minutes a day.

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I encourage you to enjoy life daily.