Nate Shaw, co-founder of Brooklyn Music Factory which has a “Brick and mortar,” space in Brooklyn is now a “click and mortar” serving 300 families. Now in their 8th year, Nate shares the journey he has been on that built on his 20 years of teaching music and is now building a business. I asked Nate what he does to enjoy life daily and he shares his simple mantra…

  • Inspiration (1:24) : Inspire musicians in the community. If you want to grow musicians, and success in their eyes is to make music for the rest of their lives. Use music as a language to connect with others.
  • Encouragement (7:00, 9:29) : Patience with yourself and patience with others. Build the creative space to pivot. Be patient, Know that you with run into pretty fierce hurdles, trust your intuition, trust what you have built, done it in a thoughtful way.

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I encourage you to enjoy life daily.