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Here is an example of the introductory email you may send if you hear business owners or entrepreneurs say, “I feel overwhelmed while wanting to grow and scale their business.” Simply copy and paste the subject and then the body into an email. Feel free to further personalize the message. Thank you for sharing this message!

Email Body

Hi ____________

Did you know that 4 out of every 10 working hours are wasted because of inefficiency?

Meet my friend Mark Jamnik, Founder of Enjoy Life Daily, a productivity coaching company that helps business owners be more productive. He was 1 of 100 active global Tony Robbins Coaches and worked directly with 300 entrepreneurs one-on-one from all over the world. Beginning in April, he is offering a class called: “Organize your way to Productivity”

It is going to focus on the fundamentals each week to organize your ideas to accomplish more, in less time.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you will:

  • Leverage time: Learn strategies on maximizing internal and external communication in the virtual world.
  • Discover focus: Organize your days, weeks and months with tools and strategies.
  • Identify challenges: Gain clarity around what’s preventing you from completing tasks and projects.
  • Create good habits: Eliminate unproductive time and align effective habits to stay focused on your efforts.
  • Say ‘yes’ less and ‘no’ more: Identify what is meaningful and productive and what is holding you back; discover the power of doing less, and accomplishing more.
  • Clarify your next best steps: Decide on your most important activities to complete your prioritized projects and profitable activities.
  • Maximize productivity and fulfillment: Implement Habits, Organization, Mindset and Efficiencies.

There has never been a more important time to focus on fundamentals of productivity. He wanted to extend his knowledge about the fundamentals in a group class to capitalize on 2021.

Over the last 10 years, I have had many requests on how to organize the ways I would grow a business. This is the core of my approach in a class form so I can meet the demands for this information.

For more recommendations you may also view his testimonial page or LinkedIn Recommendations.

Easily prioritize and take the right actions toward their goals.

I believe he could be a great resource to your company.

Here is a link to what’s included in our “Organize Your Way To Productivity” class.