Way to take follow through. Great work! Thanks for completing the 10 questions. I’m personally going to review your responses and I’ll reach out to you regarding potential next steps to help you achieve deeper life fulfillment.

The Home Story Method is a 6 week program intended for individuals ready to make substantive changes towards a deeper life fulfillment. We dig deep to uncover what is preventing you from achieving your best life. During the process, you’ll connect to an inner knowing. After you get clarity of what has been blocking, you will get your life roadmap to give you confidence to move towards your vision. Things are captured into one place so you see where you are going, instead of searching across all of those slips of paper, journal entries, files on your computer.  

Please click on the video below to help you simplify your goals into one sheet, known as the dashboard.


Prioritize your day

It can be so difficult to keep track of everything that needs to be completed in your busy day. I created this in 2011 to solve all of my own tasks.  I have been developing, using, refining and sharing versions of this for the last 10 years.