Once you have your goals set and you have your targets in line, the next step is to think and act in alignment with them. This means that you want to have a path you can follow to get from one step to the next smoothly and with as little trouble as possible. Once enough steps are put in place to create activity, and the activity is seeing progress, you create momentum. The idea of how to create momentum is something you must wrap your head around in order to move forward.

Momentum is created after enough activity is in place to start achieving progress towards a goal. Momentum continues by making progress towards the goals and progress occurs through hitting benchmarks. Each benchmark achieved creates momentum towards attaining your goals.

How to Create Sales Momentum

Momentum toward achieving a goal occurs through deliberate practice. The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle introduces the concept of deliberate practice. Deliberate practice focuses on specific actions done consistently that create progress, and with enough progress comes achievement of your goals. The equation for how to create momentum is simple:

Deliberate Practice + Specific Actions = Achievement of Goals

Progress offers feedback and allows you to build the proper momentum to achieve a specific goal. So:

Achievement of Goals + Feedback = Momentum

Momentum comes from progress and progress will keep you moving and offer feedback to make sure you are on track to hit the specific goal. With deliberate practice, simple daily progress becomes a momentous achievement. Newton’s ‘Law of Motion’ states: “an object at rest tends to remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force…” The unbalanced force, in your case, will be any action towards achieving a specific sales success goal. The initial goal setting coupled with consistent action leads to progress and builds momentum and eventually leads to success.

Momentum Already in Play

All companies and salespeople have the initial goal of finding a market for their product or offering. Successful companies and sales associates took the proper steps to prospect, meet, and present so that eventually the initial sale occurred. After that initial sale, another sale was made and enough progress was made to keep building momentum until the company or your list evolved into its current state.

Think back to your first sale and then think about where are you now. How did you get there?

It didn’t go immediately from that amount to what you are doing now without some sort of momentum. Momentum occurs both positively and negatively, so if you are looking at what it used to do and what it is doing now, you might need to shift the momentum back with deliberate daily practice.

Start Gaining Momentum Soon

Momentum comes from progress so start with bigger specific goals and break them down into smaller steps. To begin, each day, you can simply fill in the blank, “If all I do today is ______________, it’s going to be the most productive, profitable and fulfilling day.”

Once you’ve done that for a week or so, start setting a bigger scope:

  1. Set aside a small amount of time each day to build the momentum of the goals you want to achieve. For example: I want to make at least two new calls to a prospect a day. Over time, that will be 40 new calls over the month (~20 working days/mo) or 480 extra new calls over the year by making two calls a day.
  2. Decide you want to follow up on three to five top prospects that you have contacted one time a month.
  3. Send out an initial email to five people with the sole purpose of ‘adding value’ each month, which could help you grow the database by 25 people each month. Eventually, this can grow into a monthly newsletter to your clients/prospects with updates.

Start Gaining Momentum Now

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