My big takeaway from Japan is the culture and heritage. Spending a week in Japan leaves me with one big takeaway, it’s a we culture, not a me culture. They all collectively pitch in to make the cities (that I have visited) thrive. From Tokyo, where there are no trash cans anywhere on the streets in the city and NO trash, everyone simply takes care of their own trash. To Osaka where the department stores don’t have walls between the stores creating a space of openness and stores working together.

I witnessed how Japan embraces its past as it prepares for the future. There is an honor to their work and how they truly look to serve. It was powerful to experience going up to an information booth to ask a question and the two individuals behind the counter getting up to answer the question. They truly want to help and take each job as their duty to serve. What heritage do you embrace?

Ghandi said “Be the change you which to see in the world”

Truly honored to spend the time in Japan. Love the culture and who they are as a country. Thank you Japan.

I look forward to bringing other videos from the trip and I encourage you to enjoy life daily.