Advance your Mary Kay Goals

“8 Years ago I said Yes to a partnership with Mark as my coach. This has absolutely been the best intentional decision I’ve made in my career of over 18 years personally. Without his mentorship in my life I am certain my path wouldn’t have lead to being a TOP performing 1% leader in my company & thriving”

– Danielle L. Mary Kay Pink Cadillac Sales Director

What describes you best?

Are you balancing being a Mom AND an Employee and need some extra support to advance to Director?

Managing a family and now kids at home studying virtually gives you no time.

Are you an existing Director and need support to advance to Cadillac?

Something has you stuck…you know and LOVE the product yet you can’t keep enough active and drive enough production.

Are you looking for support to advance and become the TOP performing leader?

What got you here, won’t get you to the next level and could use an outside perspective to set you apart.

After coaching Directors for over 8 years, your coaching sessions will be custom designed
to support you to advance your goals.

Advance your goals. Take your Mary Kay business to another level.

Coaching sessions are custom designed to advance your Mary Kay business:

Manage your day: Feel done at the end of the day whether you are part time or full time
Streamline redundant tasks: Stay focused on IPA’s to grow your business
Mindset strategies: Adapt easily to unexpected business changes
Grow engagement: Simplify by “speaking to your customer’s listen”
Effective follow up strategies: Grow your customers and consultants