You choose your attitudes, focus, and emotions, so why not choose to set your mindset in the direction of success as well? Focusing in on how to change your mindset can help you achieve the level of success you want in your business.

Your mindset shapes how you perceive different circumstances and is completely determined by you. Thus, no two people can have the exact same mindset, because they will perceive things slightly differently. The only difference between an experience one person has versus another person is their mindset.

What is mindset?

It is vitally important for you to recognize that you have the opportunity to influence your situation. Every decision in your life comes right back to you. Every good piece and every bad piece of news comes down to the mindset you have and the meaning you give it. This doesn’t mean you can always “fix” what is going on around you, but instead you can change how you react to a situation. By seeing the problems and challenges in life as growth opportunities instead of dead ends, you can turn a bleak situation into a positive learning experience.

Perception is reality and current perceptions become future realities.

If you want to improve or change things in your life, change your perceptions.

For instance, if you think you are bad with names, each time you meet someone new you say to yourself, or maybe even the person, that “you are bad with names.” It is a mindset that you have fallen into over and over again that has become reality. Is it really true? Are you bad with everyone’s name? Begin by asking yourself a better question to help you remember names. What if you asked yourself a question such as “how could I remember their name? Do I have a family member or friend that they remind me of? By simply changing your mindset, you are simply interrupting your old pattern where you said, “you were bad with names.”

There is a name for what you are doing, it is called a self fulfilling prophecy.

Mindset as Self Fulfilling Prophecy

A self fulfilling prophecy is a prediction made by an individual that directly or indirectly causes the prophecy itself to become true. For instance, you tell yourself you won’t be able to book that important client for weeks before the meeting, so you don’t try as hard, and you don’t book the client. What would have happened if you told yourself you would get that client?

The human mind seems to narrate the human reality. Those who know this are doing much better than those that don’t. Think about all of your needs, wants, and goals, and now think about your thoughts regarding these goals. Are you narrating the reality you want? Are your thoughts confident in these goals?

You must think in relation to your desired life and goals to get results.

Darren and Joey

Two sales professionals, Darren and Joey, receive very similar phone calls from their prospective clients. In both cases the clients called to cancel their order because they were dissatisfied.

Joey became extremely frustrated and negative about the situation, down on himself and his business.

Darren instead saw opportunity to solve a problem and turn things around, to learn more about the situation and what went wrong, and to have more time to focus on other big clients.

The sales professionals went on with their weeks as they normally would following the situation. Joey continued to complain about the huge order that was canceled and, oddly enough, continued to experience difficulties with clients. Darren on the other hand, turned his unsatisfied client around and ended up selling them more that he usually did. Darren and his business had a great week and showed optimism and appreciation the entire time.

Change your Mindset Soon

Pick a time when you are in your best mood and see how well you do as opposed to one of your less enthusiastic moments. Thereafter, find ways to stay positive:

  • Look for opportunity
  • See the bright side
  • Keep you in a good mood

On Fridays, most everyone is in a better mood. Try seeing how many cold calls you make and how many more appointments you set than when you do the same thing on a Monday.

Change Your Mindset Now

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