As I travel, I love meeting up with clients that I have the privilege to coach. I have been coaching Lloyd over the last 4 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing amazing things happen in his life over that time.

In addition to him finishing as #2 salesperson in his company last year, he has launched a passion project called makingfatheringfun.com. He is taking all of the things he has been working on through coaching and other training he has attended in an effort to share the information with other Dads. As we talked about the reason for the project, we got down to his home story which is ALL about Making Fathering Fun! When you meet and know Lloyd, you know that he is about Making Life Fun and with that spirit, he is now taking that to Making Fathering Fun. He is an amazing family man and great salesman in New York city. It was wonderful getting to meet you face to face in the city and wish you ALL THE BEST! You deserve it!

Special thank you as well for the wonderful engagement gift of Dom Perignon for Jenny and I. It was very touching and we appreciate it! We are looking forward to enjoy life daily together, forever! Thanks!

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