I met Brodie Whitney, 3 years ago in person at a Business conference and we shared an connection to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Brodie shares in the video what you he learned while sitting in 32 degree water and the proper mindset needed. He shares some great tools to help you achieve your mission, vision and purpose.

Brodie helps entrepreneurs with a mission, vision and purpose really discover what success is to them. He helps his clients face their dragons. If one of your goals this year is to public speak, Brodie has just the challenge for you to help get you out there and share your message. Please visit facingdragons.com to learn more about the type of coaching Brodie can help you work through. You can also view his YouTube channel.

Also, as I mentioned in the video, Brodie has a simplified statement, something I call the home story to help him share what he helps his clients do. If you need a sound bite for a news segment the whole way to a book, having a home story is critical.

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