I met Heather a few years ago and we recently connected to have her share the type of transformation coaching she does. She is a Body Code practitioner. She does a 4 week jumpstart to help women that are operating from a place of fear & feel they can’t change. She walks through how to release some trapped emotions and she demonstrates it during the video.

Here are some of the things you’ll work with Heather on during those 4 weeks:

  • Release trapped emotions that make up your heart-wall that are holding you back
  • Release the “goals” that are weighing you down and create experiences that are fulfilling and satisfying
  • Get clarity on the #1 question to ask to move forward in life
  • Create a plan so you can step back into you light, your true nature
  • Create a guidance system for making choices and being more present and alive
  • Create tools to access comfort and clarity during painful times
  • Create a story that excites you to move forward

To learn more, visit heathere.com or visit her facebook page.

Heather offers an amazing service and after this first part, she completed the first part of her 4 part process and all I have to say it is very helpful. She helps release trapped emotions so you can live with an open heart. I found it EXTREMELY fascinating that is why it is in 2 parts.

Thanks for sharing your insight! Stay tuned for tomorrow.

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