Mike Jones, from Resound Creative offers companies story telling and identity design. Resound Creative is a branding agency. They help companies identify who they are, what are their core values, what is their unique identity, unique selling points, what is the core problem they solve for their customers. Brands becomes a reflection of the culture and the business.

Mike shares that businesses can get trapped in the day to day and they can lose sight of why you do what you do. Don’t miss your story and copy others. You’ll get lost is sameness if you copy others. Mike encourages you to find the soul of the business.

Inspiration: It started out of a deep passion for telling truthful stories for brands.
Encouragement: Book recommendation by Scott Bedbury- A New Brand World
Focus: Have someone hold you accountable with a plan

Quote: Mike stated on the recording quoting Eisenhower… “It’s not the plan that matters…it’s the active plan.” and after the call, I found the quote I think he was referring: Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”

Here are a couple questions for you to consider:

  • Are you copying others language?
  • Do you capture the language of the company?
  • Are you creating loyalty and referrals in your business?
  • Are you consistent with your Marketing?
  • Does your sales team track with the Marketing team to get the story consistent the whole way through?

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