Aurianna Joy is an NYC-based Intuitive Success Coach, YouTube video blogger, and shamanic practitioner who supports her clients in reclaiming their personal power so they’re finally free to share their unique gifts with the world. Aurianna combines over 10 years in the world of personal development with shamanism, yoga, and meditation to create a unique experience for her clients. Her approach is one that combines spirituality with practical application to create a solid foundation upon which to thrive.

To learn more about her courses, please visit her website (or landing page you want me to direct traffic to) or her YouTube.

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  • Inspiration (0:33) : Her company was more forced. At 16, Aurianna shares diagnosed with chronic lyme disease and was seeking anything to feel better and enjoy life. She focused on health and healing.
  • Encouragement (4:21, 8:10) : In entrepreneurship or in our lives, it doesn’t need to make sense. “Take time for yourself.” “Lean into the not knowing.”
  • Focus (12:00) : Aurianna shares what really comes up for her on focus and demonstrates being in the moment… thank you for your complete honesty and authenticity.

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