LedgerGurus is an accounting department in a nice neat package. They handle all the things a traditional accounting department would, from bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, and bill pay to cash flow planning, job costing, funding activities, and other controller and CFO level tasks. All this at a fraction of the cost of full time help.

Their mission is two-fold. First, they believe that good accounting can change the trajectory of small businesses. They help small businesses harness the power and insight good accounting can give them as business owners, to have the advantages of big business accounting without the price tag.

Second, they want individuals with good experience and education to have a rewarding and exciting career without having to choose between work and their family. They are structured to support all accounting functions within a cloud based environment allowing all their employees to work primarily from home.

LedgerGurus is pushing the advancement of an industry that has been largely stagnant for many years. They completely re-engineer the processes of accounting to take advantage of the many apps and tools available now to small businesses, setting up and syncing cloud based platforms to allow accounting departments to run more smoothly and more efficiently giving the business owner better results and more freedom.

Learn more about LedgerGurus at www.ledgergurus.com.

  • Inspiration (1:13) : After a sudden turn in life, she found herself as a single Mom with 3 kids and no education, after she looked at the other alternatives, she decided to head back to school and get an MBA. After working at a firm, she saw a need for part time work for many business and in 2014, she launched.
  • Encouragement (7:42) : Know thyself, learn how you work best.
  • Focus (14:20) : Task tracking software and a good old fashioned “to do” list. Schedule your next event for each activity.

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