Sandi is a semi-nomadic freelance tour director and photographer, but she also worked as a university professor, video producer, artist, public speaker, writer, blogger… she’s got a couple of photography tours coming up soon, and this fall she’ll start teaching digital film making on a luxury cruise line. It’s no surprise that Sandi’s main passions are travel and photography, and she loves inspiring others to follow their passions as well. Sandi tries hard not to be a chicken ______.

Websites are and or to learn more about her upcoming tour in the Desert, go to

  • Inspiration (0:52) : The automotive crisis hit in 2009 and left without a job, Sandi decided to pursue a project that she had wanted to do, but didn’t have the time to do. Once she lost her job, time wasn’t an issue and decided to take a tour of Route 66.
  • Encouragement (10:20) She lived by a phrase for years… “You can’t fail if you don’t quit.” “You can’t figure out where you are going to be in the future based on where you are now.”
  • Focus (14:15) Meditation. Prioritize. Be clear in what resonates within her and what she wants to do and have to say no to things.

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