Coplex is a special flavor of a Startup Accelerator called a Startup Studio. The studio works with domain-expert founders to build digital products in their respective areas of expertise using the lean startup methodology. We’ve built over 250 startup companies between our studios in Phoenix, LA, and Seattle.

To learn more about Coplex, visit www.coplex.com or more about his recent articles for Entrepreneur magazine at www.zachferres.com

  • Inspiration (0:48) : Doing some side work in college, his college forced him to start a company called Bouncefire, back in Ohio. He ended up selling the company in 2011 and shortly after moving to Arizona, he met the founder of Coplex.
  • Encouragement (5:18) : It’s a roller coaster and the only way things move is having the highs and lows.
  • Focus (8:53) : Think procedurally. Control your schedule. Block time out each week to do article writing.

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