Jonathan Cottrell, Founder of #yesphx and Phoenix Startup week joins me today. After just 3 months of planning, year 1 had attendees of 2,500 and they doubled in year 2 and had over 5,000 attendees. He has turned over the keys to Phoenix Startup week and is now working at Intraedge. A boot strapped start up 12 years in the valley, over 800 employees and nearly $100 mil in revenue per year.

You can learn more about YesPHX and Jonathan by going here: or

  • Inspiration (0:51) : Stemmed from a nice conversation talking about what was happening with the Phoenix Startup community. This was a way to amplify, unify and clarify the vision.
  • Encouragement (4:01) : “Just starting…hitting the gas pedal and getting started.”
  • Focus (6:12) : References Jason Fried’s book “Rework” which mentions that “time is the inspiration killer.” When you are inspired, when it’s possible, drop everything else and focus on what it is you are inspired to do.

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