What kind of digital weight are you carrying around? How many thousands of photos, videos do you have saved and haven’t organized like you had hoped? This is the time of spring cleaning and shedding. There is a great TED talk by Graham Hill called “Less Stuff, More Happiness.” It got me thinking about not only just the physical stuff, but the digital stuff that can weight on your mind. What things can you let go of digitally over the next few weeks, months, years? Instead of clicking away because “it’s digital” how can you edit on the fly so you have the prized pictures/videos of memories you wish you cherish?

I have been discussing doubling your business. Part of doubling your business means you need to make space for the business to double. How are you creating the space you need? If you have a wonderful story on some of your strategies on doubling your business.

I am going to be continuing to discuss ways to double your business in future interviews. Please select a time here for your 20 minute recording.

I encourage you to find your home story and that it will continue to inspire you to #enjoylifedaily.