Group Accountability Coaching


During your monthly accountability coaching program you will receive weekly one (1) hour group sessions along with one (1) 30 minute individual accountability coaching session. Develop consistency on your ideal next best steps towards your future with certainty.



Group Accountability Coaching offers you a place to advance your life vision and mission with time management, organization and support. Stay on your path, even when your path changes.

Weekly one-hour group coaching sessions for a 6 week sprint:

  • Create habits: Align your habits to stay focused on your efforts.
  • Learn to say “no” more often: Discover the power of doing less, and accomplishing more.
  • Maximize productivity and fulfillment: Implement Habits, Observations, Mindset and Efficiencies.

Two (2) 30 minute individual accountability coaching session

  • Identify challenges: Gain clarity around what’s preventing you from completing tasks.
  • Discover focus: Organize your days, weeks and month with tools and strategies.
  • Clarify your next best steps: Decide on your most important activities to focus your efforts.

100% Money Back Guarantee.