Home Story Method Coaching – Second Half


During the second half of the Home Story Method Coaching 6 week sprint, you will discover blocks holding you back and reconnect to an inner knowing. You will begin to clarify your vision and develop habits that aligned with your goals to achieve deeper life fulfillment.



Home Story® Method Coaching reconnects you to your inner resources to guide you towards the life of your dreams. Create your life roadmap, and align your efforts with habits that help you clearly define your vision. Uncover the blocks that have been getting in the way of deeper life fulfillment.

Continue to build momentum over the next three (3) Home Story® Method sessions.

  • Vision: Identify your ideal vision. Align your habits and goals to focus your efforts.
  • Organization: Insights into important Life Performance Indicators. Capture your thoughts & beliefs in your life map so you can see the road ahead.
  • Exercises: Serve your life vision. Review what you have been saying to yourself to break old patterns.

Second Half includes:

  • Three (3) One hour Home Story® Method Coaching sessions
  • One (1) One hour Life Mapping Recap
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Support to help craft, review and edit vision

100% Money Back Guarantee.