Master Class


During our “Organize Your Way To Productivity” Group Coaching, you will learn the fundamentals of structuring your business to prioritize, organize and fulfill your goals.




Organize Your Way To Productivity Master Class offers you a place for weekly accountability and productivity growth. Over 12 weeks you will learn organization strategies to find, document and track your business, so you have the tools to organize your way to productivity. Weekly class and Friday Productivity Report highlights your weekly momentum on larger projects.


  • Weekly Class: Twelve (12) classes that are one (1) hour in length.
  • Video Recording: Each class will be recorded.
  • Tools:
    • Friday Productivity Report – Weekly report to track Goals, Projects, Habits and Metrics.
    • Contact Sheet – Sheet to capture contact information, to streamline your follow up efforts to grow your business.
    • Time Tracker – Place to identify & moderate your daily activities.
    • Foundational Mind Map – Visual representation of ideas of strategies, protocols and overall management of company the main categories of your business.
    • Project Capture Doc – Place to capture the various projects in various projects to prioritize & manage your profitable account.
  • Story Selling Course – 6 video course to define, organize and refine your story and organize your company message. ($350 value)

100% Money Back Guarantee.