Referral Emails

Here is an example of an introductory email you may send if you hear Marketing Firm owners say, “I still want to grow my business and feel overwhelmed.” Simply copy and paste the subject and then the body into an email. Feel free to further personalize the message. Thank you for referring me!


Intro to Mark Jamnik (Productivity Coach for Marketing Professionals)

Email Body


Meet my friend Mark Jamnik, Founder of Enjoy Life Daily, a company that transforms Marketing professionals to be more productive. After a decade in advertising, he became 1 of 100 active global Tony Robbins Coaches and worked directly with 400+ entrepreneurs one-on-one from all over the world.

He created the Time Creation Method so clients become more efficient in their day. Visualize your ideas with a custom mind map to easily prioritize actions to accomplish goals.

I would meet with Mark if you have any of the following challenges:

  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You need help with prioritization
  • You have a big project and you need to figure out a way to break it into smaller manageable pieces
  • You are struggling to find your motivation again because your industry has changed and you lost passion for your business
  • You leave each day feeling like you worked all day and didn’t accomplish anything
  • You want to be better at follow up
  • You need to more clearly defined company processes

He has been coaching for almost a decade and offers 100% money back guarantee on his coaching. Here are a few results clients have achieved.

  • After just a few Productivity Sessions: In this video Josh shares the results of how his company has grown and also talks about his peace of mind on vacations. “After one meeting with Mark, I went from setting 7 appointments a month to 35 in a month! In a few short months, we added over $100k in new business.”
  • After one year of going through the Time Creation Program Megan shares the growth in her business along with the time she has gained back.
  • For more recommendations you may also view his testimonial page or LinkedIn Recommendations.

    Easily prioritize and take the right actions toward their goals.

    I believe he could be a great resource to grow your Marketing company.

    Get started with his free 30 minute Time Creation Session.