How to Cultivate Good Habits

Inefficiency can cause you to lose some serious time. Fortunately, cultivating good habits can help you to avoid inefficiency. Mark talks about how the Daily Dashboard can help you to choose a good habit you want to cultivate. You will focus on achieving it one step at a time using the Dashboard’s quarterly goal, monthly theme weekly focus and daily action plan. 3:03 length.

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Achieve Deeper Life Fulfillment

  • Home Story Method: The method is designed to  connect you to an inner knowing that helps you be more decisive as you create your vision.
  • Daily Dashboard: Identify the most important items to design your daily habits towards your vision.

Hiring a life fulfillment coach will help you discover the blocks that have been getting in the way of the life of your dreams.

Want a deeper life of fulfillment? Get started with the Home Story 10 questions to help me understand what is getting in the way of you living a deeply fulfilling life.