What if living a deep life of fulfillment was as simple as asking yourself a question? Instead of needing to follow a 5 step, 7 step, 12 step process… what if you could simply take control back on your life by asking a question? Mark sees the world differently and launch the enjoy life daily project in Sydney, Australia in 2012. The project encourages individuals to stop to ask the question “how do you enjoy life daily?” Instead of waiting for the “success” in the form of a highly successful business, or the relationship of your dreams, or the millions in the bank…why not find things to be grateful for today? In 2014, he asked the same question at Infusionsoft’s annual conference and asked many entrepreneurs to share how they enjoy life daily. Mark exudes positivity and his curiosity led him to explore the perfection of each moment.  Mark lives and breathes life fulfillment coaching. He is a thought leader, inspirational speaker, and author leading those seeking deeper life fulfillment to identify the perfection that is life and seeing the “why” behind each person that comes into your life. Enjoy Life Daily is a simple question that you can ask yourself that brings you to the present moment. Notice how you enjoy life daily, it’s as simple as that. Please include your email and comment on how you enjoy life daily. By engaging in intellectual conversations by following his natural curiosity, Mark is able to enjoy life daily.  If you would like to hear more talks, thoughts, please fill in your email and name and we’ll include more info on the project. [You can even send us a video clip as we are creating a film about how you can inspire the world to enjoy life daily.]