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Time Creation Dashboard

Deliberate daily actions inspire new habits, so you take back your day. 

Does your day run you, or do you run your day? Take control of your day and create time to focus on the things that make an impact. Complete each day with a sense of done.

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“It’s been 6 years (since downloading) and I’m still using the Dashboard. I’m now running a 7 figure Amazon business.”

– JunJun Li

“I created the Dashboard to inspire me to organize my day and focus my efforts on deliberate daily action.”

– Mark, founder of Enjoy Life Daily

Break the habit of overwhelm and reclaim your life 

Inefficiency can cause you to lose some serious time. Fortunately, cultivating good habits can help you to avoid inefficiency. Mark talks about how the Daily Dashboard can help you to choose a good habit you want to cultivate. You will focus on achieving it one step at a time using the Dashboard’s quarterly goal, monthly themes, weekly focus, and daily action plan. 3:03 length.


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