Conscious Capitalism Arizona Chapter

“Working with Mark to clarify the Conscious Capitalism Arizona story and organize our marketing efforts has been tremendous to our growth this year!”

- Mike Jones

Such A Voice

“By helping us create clarity around our goals and breaking down what I needed to be focused on by quarter, month, week, and day, Mark helped me work more efficiently and create some tremendous growth at my company!”

– Ben Werlin

Three Owls Media

“I’ve done more to further my goals in the 3-4 weeks we’ve been working together than in the preceding ten years. YEARS, my friend. Years.”

- John Onorato

Backcourt Marketing

“We did a six-week program but were able to achieve huge milestones after just a couple of meetings. He taught me how to use my CRM effectively and streamline my proposal process. I will be using the value Mark showed me for a very long time.”

– Megan Coghlin

Mary Kay Pink Cadillac Sales Director

“8 Years ago I said Yes to a partnership with Mark as my coach. This has absolutely been the best intentional decision I’ve made in my career of over 18 years personally. Without his mentorship in my life I am certain my path wouldn’t have lead to being a TOP performing 1% leader in my company & thriving”

- Danielle Lunsford

Doubled the work in half the time

“On the plane back to Denver, I went thru my call notes… I was able to blow through double the work in half the time once we landed! I’m so pumped!”

– Tom S., Denver, CO

Accomplish more

“He always pushed me to do more. Though I didn’t like it, I appreciated his pushing me. He was there when I had some of the greatest moments in my business and also the worst moments when I laid off my staff. I am grateful to have him in my journey.”

- Nikki S., San Francisco, CA

Did more in 4 weeks than in 10 years“I’ve done more to further my goals in the 3-4 weeks we’ve been working together than in the preceding ten years. YEARS, my friend. Years.”

– Jon O, Austin, TX

Doubled client contacts over ALL of last year

“In the first 2 months of working with Mark, we doubled the amount of new client contacts made over all of last year.”

– Bryan L, Black Hills, SD

Accomplish more, in less time

“The reason I write this is because hands down I have accomplished significantly more in a shorter amount of time because of Mark’s help.”

- Pascal W., Denver, CO

$8,000 and a Mercedes in 17 days

I got guidelines of what made sense to discuss in my videos. I took that and divided the videos into daily actions …17 days later, I had an $8,000 sales day and won a Mercedes.”

– JunJun L, NYC. NY

judy D. Toronto
Got where I wanted to go.

“My first introduction to coaching was with Mark Jamnik – I was scared and a little intimidated, but Mark put me at ease. With Mark’s assistance, I got where I wanted to get and he is a trusted partner.”

- Brandi N. San Francisco, CA

Replace old costly behaviors with empowering ones

“Mark has effectively taught me to replace old costly behaviors with empowering alternatives

– Ryan R., Arlington, VA

Results + Peace of mind

“After one meeting with Mark, I went from setting 7 appointments a month to 35 in a month!”

– Josh C, Ashland, OH

Issues Resolved

“My intention of coaching was to help me with my business: however Mark discovered some deep-rooted issues that need to be resolved in order to move forward with my business and my life”

- Judy D. Toronto, Ontario

Better Business Understanding

“I leave every meeting with a better understanding of the business”

– Ryan D., Asheville, NC.

judy D. Toronto

$35,000 in 90 Days

“Running a multi-million dollar business, I have plenty of distractions. In the first 90 days, we had a $35,000 day to the simplified weekly webinar strategy that was defined around the quarterly goals we set up.”

– Hoss P, Dallas, TX

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