Coaching Session – Adam Difference


This is to catch up on the difference between the existing coaching and the newly adjusted timing to advance towards your goals with clarity.


Difference for the next 5 Sessions from the existing payment for sessions.

Before each coaching session.

  • Session-Prep form: Complete the evening before your session to maximize time to offer clarity of focus for you and me.
  • Coach comments: Morning of your session, coach reviews, comments and asks questions that prepare you for each session.

During each one (1) hour coaching session.

  • Identify your challenges: Walk away with clarity to take the appropriate steps.
  • Create habits: Align your habits to stay focused on your efforts.
  • Exercises: Discover exercises & resources to help you find the answer within.
  • SMART Goals: Identify next steps to advance you toward your goals.

Session dates will be tracked after 100% satisfaction after coaching session. 100% Money Back Guarantee.