Thanks to everyone who joined us.

We talked about how education is changing. I am a part of Earthwaking University and we are focused on reinventing the education system. Michele and I met there, it’s a wonderful group. You can get a free copy of Jon’s book “If I Die Before I Wake” here. I’m going through it right now and I’m really enjoying in. There is also an invitation for you to join the virtual Earthwaking Village on the same page. I encourage you to sign up. Also, they have set up a Virtual Community Center that you can join for free here.

Jessica Mortimer – Health

Loren Strand – Financial tools/resources

Lorrel Elian – Health

  • Prevention and building immunity is the key. Eat organic & whole foods, Hydrate, Use pink Himalayan salt in hot water throughout your day.
  • Sadie Nardini

Kevin Kula – Fitness

  • Essentialism by Greg McKeown book that Kevin mentioned
  • pilatescentral2020 (on instagram – not website)
  • (on instagram) – paid program but has excellent free content (rehab principles integrated into fitness program)
  • Chris Masterjohn (PhD) – The food and supplement guide for the corona virus (this is how to make it hardier for the virus to enter the body).  Both Chris and the doctor Joe Polish interviewed recommended NAC (N-ACETYL CYSTEINE) to support the lungs when someone is infected, but it is inexpensive and also a precursor to gluathione the body’s major anti-oxidant.

I encourage you to do any additional research so you are informed (especially around the Corona protocols). All of these resources are provided by Community Call participants that were discussed on the 3/27/20 call.