How can you fall in love with your life? It’s simple: you have to also fall in love with the experiences you encounter each day. Focus on the positive aspects of everything you experience, from the small, mundane things like answering an email to the bigger things like landing an important client, and other clients will appreciate your outlook and will look forward to your calls, emails, and posts. They might not even realize why they are drawn to you, which makes you even more likeable.

Clients like doing business with people they connect with, and people they deem genuine.

Remember: Positivity is infectious, just like laughing.


Regardless of your situation is at the present moment, you are living in an incredible world of abundance, opportunity, and possibility. You have an amazing choice that so many other people in the world don’t have. You can choose to:

  • Focus on what you love and appreciate, and what you can do with it, or
  • Focus on what you don’t like about your life and what you cannot do.

This choice is, of course, your free will, and this decision determines both the quality and the positive momentum of your reality. You and only you can improve your reality. If you truly want to change, figure out what you want and identify areas to improve. Then, find ways to learn, improve, and grow. You can literally look up anything on Google and find useful information to improve your current condition.

When you approach each day falling in love with your life, you bring a different mindset to client challenges and clients connect differently with you. Sales can, of course, be filled with ups and downs so it is crucial that you stay upbeat despite the many challenges you are likely to face (i.e., cancellations, repeated rejections, etc.).

With each experience, you have the option to choose whether you will fall in love with life or let the situation negatively affect you. To draw a parallel, some people love riding roller coasters, while others despise that experience. In the sales world, each rep is exposed to ups and downs but just like the roller coaster; you decide whether you like it or not. You can decide to enjoy the ups and downs of life and fall in love with the ride of your life and be grateful, or you can decide to focus on the alternative, which is fear.

Surprise Activity

A sales manager, set up a surprise activity for his sales team after a successful quarter to show them how fortunate they really were. After much anticipation of what the ‘surprise activity’ was, the reps found out they were headed to feed the homeless for the afternoon. The reps saw life and daily living from a different perspective and really saw how lucky they all were. They realized all the little things that cluttered up their focus and left them feeling tense were really no big deal. Compared to the thousands of blessings in their life, the stressful things were really just challenges. After they fed the homeless, the team went to have lunch together and they spoke of their appreciation for their great their jobs and lives.

Fall in Love with Life Soon

Any time you feel sad, stressed, or frustrated, name ten things that you love about your life right now. This could be ten things you love about your current situation or environment, ten things you love about yourself, ten things you love about your home, family, work, etc. Create a daily habit of naming ten of your favorite things. Encourage others to do the same. It is fun and makes people feel good.

Fall in Love with Life Now

If you are still having trouble trying to start to fall in love with life, or would like to have some help along the way, I invite you to visit my YouTube Channel for videos from many different perspectives but all ways to help you enjoy (and love!) life daily.