I met Kim at PartnerCon over a year ago. I had an opportunity to catch up with her after and loved her story and asked her to share it. Her company inspiration is a fascinating one. She takes her corporate sales experience to help you take your passion and communicate it, Kim can help. Visit kimorlesky.com to learn more about what she is working on.

Inspiration: She “hit the wall” of living at corporate life and “quit her life to go traveling around the world” After 6 months, she came back has since written several books. She loves teaching those with a passion who struggle to communicate their message.
Encouragement: It’s not about you… you have to connect with your customer. Don’t give up, you are going to go through iterations of your business. Ask for help!
Focus: Time block in your calendar and make it non-negotiable. If I do 5 things this week, what would they be?

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