Day 400 is very powerful for me, and the reason I continue to share the moments to inspire you to enjoy life daily.

In college, I was suicidal. I was such an achiever I was struggling to think I might not get a 4.0. I worked day and night and it took me over 10 minutes to set my alarm each night because I was afraid I would miss class. For years, I never shared it with anyone. It wasn’t until I was on a Tony Robbins Coach training, just a few years ago that the coaching director asked to the group “what’s something you never celebrated overcoming?” I realized that I never celebrated and shared what I overcame.

I share that my mission now is to help others enjoy life daily. That is why I have posted over 399 videos to inspire others to enjoy life daily. I struggle with it at times when things don’t always go the way you expect and yet, and this series has been a great reminder for me.

I started a video series over a year ago because a friend asked me to participate in a 30 day challenge to give back. Thank you Monica. I started out with a video and 30 days later, I had 30 videos and thoroughly enjoyed doing it so I continued. A year later, it has morphed and changed into what is now the Enjoy Life Daily series.

The enjoy life daily series is my way of sharing and observing my life and the present beauty in things. In the challenges and struggles as well as the simple things in life (like a window washer at a restaurant learn that an easy way to tell where the streaks are in a window are if you go up and down on one side and side to side on the other.)

Comment below on how you enjoy life daily as an inspiration for others.

I look forward to sharing others ways to inspire you to #enjoylifedaily.